Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November is NaNoWriMo and PiBoldMo- What are you writing today?

This is picture book idea month and I am participating in it. The point is to come up with an idea everyday for a picture book for kids that can later be developed into a story or book.

My goal is to have at least half of the ideas I come up with to have a health related theme. Why? Because kids need more books, fiction and nonfiction, that entertain while educating. And children need to be educated on many health related themes, not by nagging parents or by government restrictions but by stories about other children ( characters) that they learn to care about and to love.

A character who has leukemia as in my soon to be released picture book, The ABC's According to Lilly Isabella Lane, shows the reader what it means to go through treatment for cancer and survive.

A character who loves basketball but who suffers with Sickle Cell Anemia will show the reader what dreams are made of and what it means to be courageous as in the next book in the ABC's series I am writing.

A character who is dealing with the parent's divorce, a sibling on drugs, obesity, bullying, or diabetes will show the reader real life truths about these issues while entertaining and educating. Books with serious themes will encourage even young readers to make changes or take actions in real life.

So look here for more information on health related issues important to kids as I research and find the newest tidbits to share with parents and kids as I go on to write some really good books.

If you have ideas for topics that need more coverage in the form of stories for children or teens, please feel free to comment or email me your ideas. I look forward to hearing what matters to you.

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