Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Review: and then there was me

and then there was with a dying loved one

Author: Sloan Rogers

A memoir

Tate Publishing 2011

ISBN: 978-1-61739-852-0

Family, Relationships, Elder care

All of us will become a caregiver of some sort in our lifetime. And it will take it's toll no matter the love and devotion, determination and concern, or the compassion and care we give.

and then there was me  is a book that details the life and love of author Sloan Rogers for her husband, Dick.  It is an honest memoir that answers some of life's tough questions about how to deal with the death or deterioration of a loved one.

In her story, the author tells the heartfelt story of watching her husband decline and the emotional toll it took on her both mentally and physically, yet the story is of LOVE. She is honest, direct, and careful with details so the reader is brought into the life and the situations that she faced.

A reader cannot help but come away with a tear, but also a smile as you learn the tips Sloan offers the caregiver in each of us. A well done memoir that exemplifies family and relationships in a positive light despite the sadness of death and loss.

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