Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Review: and then there was me

and then there was with a dying loved one

Author: Sloan Rogers

A memoir

Tate Publishing 2011

ISBN: 978-1-61739-852-0

Family, Relationships, Elder care

All of us will become a caregiver of some sort in our lifetime. And it will take it's toll no matter the love and devotion, determination and concern, or the compassion and care we give.

and then there was me  is a book that details the life and love of author Sloan Rogers for her husband, Dick.  It is an honest memoir that answers some of life's tough questions about how to deal with the death or deterioration of a loved one.

In her story, the author tells the heartfelt story of watching her husband decline and the emotional toll it took on her both mentally and physically, yet the story is of LOVE. She is honest, direct, and careful with details so the reader is brought into the life and the situations that she faced.

A reader cannot help but come away with a tear, but also a smile as you learn the tips Sloan offers the caregiver in each of us. A well done memoir that exemplifies family and relationships in a positive light despite the sadness of death and loss.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Cancer Prayer Book

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I am a pediatric/neonatal critical care nurse and a freelance writer. Here I offer encouragement, inspiration, and resources for those parents and children going through a serious or terminal illness. You might even meet the character of my children's book, Lilly. She is a quite spunky but aims to tell you a thing or two about what it is like to have childhood cancer. The release of this book is not until 2012 but bits and pieces somehow sneak onto the pages here when you least expect it.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Book Review: Caregiver's Devotions to Go

Caregivers' Devotions to Go: Caring for Yourself as You Care for Others

Author: Gigi Devine Murfitt

Extreme Diva Media, Inc

ISBN: 978-1-934626-09-2

From the Back Cover: Caregivers' Devotions to Go is for moms, grandmothers, and adult children and many others given the charge of caring for another person. it offers encouragement for a difficult task and gives both professional and family caregivers a breath of fresh air to continue the assignment god has given them.

My take on this book:  As a nurse and one who is a caregiver in many capacities, this book is a wonderful tool. It is Biblical, inspirational, and encouraging. So many times the caregivers do not care for themselves, they don't sleep, they don't eat, and most of all they don't take even a moment to renew their spirits.

That is not what God had planned for those he calls to be the caregiver. This tiny book gives great stories and verses that encourage but also teach us how to serve God well as the caregiver He wants us to be. Caregivers are not alone, they are a chosen group that have been blessed with a serving heart. God wants them to be rested, healthy, and joyful. This purse size book offers the tools and the information a caregiver needs to care for themselves so they are better equipped to care for others.

This book makes a great gift for someone you know who is a caregiver in whatever capacity or situation they are in. It fits into a pocket or purse, is easy to read in short spurts, and offers activities and thought provoking ideas to enrich the life of a caregiver. This book is part of the  Women's Devotions to Go Series and will bless those who read it.

The author can be reached by email at  Visit the website for the nonporfit organization that offers encouragement and resources for those in the caregiving role at