Tuesday, May 3, 2011

R is for Rest

Rest is the one thing that most parents ignore for themselves when they have a sick child. Rest seems to escape most parents until say your child is over 21.  As parents we worry about illness, activities, school grades, do our children have friends, what kind of friends do they have, could they do better, and on and on.

If a child is ill the worries are even greater. Parents watch and worry over blood counts, fevers, growth and development, medicines, scans, and everything else that can change in a heartbeat with a sick child.

Rest is essential to health. Rest helps your emotional state, your cognitive state, and your physical state. Tips for getting rest include
  • learn to say no
  • don't over book your free time
  • take naps when your child is resting
  • delegate house hold chores
  • go to bed early
  • enjoy down times without guilt
These are a few reminders to keep in mind which may help you to gain a few moments of rest.

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Susanne Drazic said...

Great post. Rest is very important.