Friday, April 1, 2011

A-Z Blog Challenge for April

I am joining in on the blog challenge for April. I am not even sure where or who started it and I am sure there is no prize but here is the thing. It will challenge me to post everyday in April using the the letter of the alphabet to get me started. So follow along and see what tibits of health or medical information I can bestow on the readers this month. Maybe some of it might even be useful.

A- is for Attitude. My children's book about my fictional character Lilly starts with A for Attitude. Attitude is a good place to start and so important in every aspect of life no matter if you are dealing with an illness, injury, financial problem, a good time in your life or a family or friend issue. We each are responsible for our own attitude toward any given situation. A positive attitude is proven to bring more positive feelings and emotions even when the outcome of a situation is still negative. A positive attitude comes from serves as a one of the tools we have to help us cope with life.

A negative attitude breeds more negativity even in a positive environment. You have seen this happen among co-workers, family and friends who can't seem to see the sunshine even on a sunny day.

Your challenge if you choose to accept it is to look at your attitude. Try to tweak it to be a bit more positive today. Tweak it a bit more tomorrow and the day after that. Soon your attitude will be more positive and you will actually feel better. Try it and let me know how it works.

Check in tomorrow for the letter B.

Until then, no matter how serious or how tragic your day may be, remember A is for attitude. May God bless you with a positive look on your situation today.


Hope said...

hello there! A great start to the challenge. I'm new to this challenge too.

I agree. A positive attitude breeds more positivity.

Good luck!

Jen Daiker said...

Great start to such a fun challenge!!!! I'm one of the co-hosts and wanted to stop in and welcome you to the challenge! Thanks for diving in on not just one blog, but multiple!! It's amazing!!!

I do want to let you know that I changed some of your links so that they have your name, not to be confused with duplicates!!!

If you have questions just ask! I do hope you'll stop by and say hello!!! We can also be found on twitter (I'm @jenunedited and we can be found at #atozchallenge)!

kathy stemke said...

way to go Terri! We all have to check our attitudes.

Nancy I. Sanders said...

Wow, Terri, this is a great challenge AND such an inspiration to me personally (A is for Attitude). It reminded me to rejoice in God's blessings in the midst of great sorrows!!! -Nancy