Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A-Z Blog Challenge for April- Letter H

H is for hope and healing. Any parent who has been in the position of taking care of a child with a serious or terminal illness knows that the prayer is always always for healing. A parent never gives up the hope of healing even in the final days of a terminal journey. And that is exactly what parents are supposed to do. Always, always, hope for a complete healing.

And I know from being at the bedside of dying children, this is the most emotionally devastating thing any parent must endure... first the praying for healing  and then the loss of the last thread of hope. My heart goes out to any parent facing this painful knowledge that hope is gone.

As a nurse,  I know in my heart there is a heaven where life really is eternal. I know no other way to endure the loss of hope when I am with a family whose child is dying. Heaven is my hope... a hope for a life without pain, without disease, and with true healing.

So my prayer for every parent whose child is ill. Keep praying for the healing, and always hold onto the hope of health. But find it in your heart to learn the truths about heaven, for there is the real hope for all of us.

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