Thursday, April 28, 2011

P is for Pillowcases-

P is for Pillowcases- handmade and comfy. What better way to make a child, family member, or friend feel better while dealing with an illness. There are several quilting organizations that are participating in the pillowcase challenge. Those who love to sew are making pillowcases and donating them to hospitals or charities where they can be given to those in need.

Pillowcases are fairly simple to make and a great project for beginners. Check out for free patterns and suggestions on how to sew them or donate them. It is a wonderful gift idea for holidays or just because. They make great gifts for kids in the hospital because most often kids don't need candy or flowers. It can be challenging to find something that makes a child feel special.

Pick bright fabrics or cartoon character fabric and sew away. These cute pillowcases will brighten any hospital room and make your favorite kiddo feel more than special. Send me pictures and I will post them. Have fun with this and enjoy.

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