Tuesday, April 26, 2011

O is My Next Letter in the Challenge

Parents of children who are ill have a different idea about spring cleaning and organization.

O is for organization. Spring it the time we think about re-organizing and throwing out what we don't need. Parents of children who are ill become experts at being organized because they have to be for other reasons.
  • They always need a bag packed and ready for the unexpected hospital or ER visit
  • They have snacks handy for kids whose appetite suddenly appears after an illness, for siblings who need to eat when other things interfere with dinner, and to grab when they have been so busy worrying about a child they have forgotten to eat.
  • They don't worry about things that don't matter like clean windows, flower beds, or piles of unopened mail. They worry about doctor appointments, medication schedules, and therapies.
  • There is a whole group of parents caring for children who need to order feeding tubes, ventilator equipment, and tube feeding formulas. They don't worry about which fertilizer to buy, what weed killer to put on, or which ceiling needs paint.
Organization is important and spring is a good time to put your things in order. Keep in mind that if your kids are healthy, stop and say a prayer for parents who have kids who are ill. And if you know of a family with a sick child, maybe you will be moved to help them with some of the spring organization tasks that have been put on their back burner. It could be a win-win for everyone.

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