Friday, February 4, 2011

Press Release : The Cancer Prayer Book

Finally I can talk about and start promoting Dreamwords Publishing and my book The Cancer Prayer Book.


February 4, 2011 (219) 384-8884


Chicago, IL—DreamWords Publishing, LLC, opens its doors with the announcement of two books: The Cancer Prayer Book by Terri Forehand, RN, and The Depression Prayer Book by Lynne Jordan, RN. Forehand and Jordan who are both nurses and writers believe in the mission of DreamWords Publishing, LLC, which is to offer readers “comfort and strength with challenging emotional, medical, and spiritual issues.”

In The Cancer Prayer Book, Forehand compassionately and creatively provides a way to connect with God in the wake of a poor diagnosis or illness. “It is my prayer that this book will help you find the comfort God offers, the wisdom you seek, and the peace you need to deal with the emotional and physical trials that have come your way.”

In The Depression Prayer Book, Jordan elegantly and eloquently offers prayers of healing and hope for
the body and the mind. Jordan began her career as a registered nurse and quickly realized that “humanity’s need for healing extended beyond the physical.” She believes that “strength can be accessed via prayer.”

Publisher, Mary Elizabeth, a former medical social worker, has always “wanted to start a business that combined my psychology and journalism degrees.” During her visits to bookstores and hospital gift shops, she discovered a need for prayer books that deal with specific medical and psychological issues.

The Cancer Prayer Book (ISBN: 978-1-4507-2599-6) and The Depression Prayer Book

(ISBN: 978-1-4507-2604-7) are currently available for order at

Other books in the series are available for pre-order. These include: The Abusive Relationship Prayer Book, The Addictions Prayer Book, The AIDS Prayer Book, The Anxiety Disorder Prayer Book, The Arthritis and Chronic Pain Disorder Prayer Book, The Autism Prayer Book, The Bi Polar Depression Prayer Book, The Childhood Cancer Prayer Book, The Diabetes Prayer Book, The Divorce Prayer Book, The Fibromyalgia Prayer Book, The Heart Disease Prayer Book, The Hypertension Prayer Book, The Lupus Prayer Book, The Multiple Sclerosis Prayer Book, The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Prayer Book, The Schizophrenia Prayer Book, and The Tourette Syndrome Prayer Book.


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