Monday, February 7, 2011

Children Grieve, Dispell the Myths.

Author Jewel Sample has written a book for siblings titled Flying Hugs and Kisses. It is listed on the web page of Bonnerup Funeral& Cremation Services website. I am blessed to know Jewel, but the article offered on the site is even more important. It lists several myths about grief and children.

Many parents dismiss grief as real for kids. A myth exists that convinces parents that kids don't feel loss. Really....? Think again. Kids feel grief more deeper than they have the ability to express and the adults around them need to understand that.

How about should kids go to funerals or stay home? Arguments on either side of the fence can be found. However, in most cases, all you need to do is ask the child. All kids express grief in different ways and it is important to not force your feelings onto your child, nor attempt to sweep your child's feelings under the rug.

This article brilliantly points out that kids can "talk" about their feelings in art, music, playing, or writing and not always sitting down face to face to talk. Check the site for the entire article if you know a child who may be feeling a loss. Remember, that for a child the death of a goldfish maybe as painful to them as the death of a loved one. Loss of friendship, relationships, or pets can trigger the feelings of sadness and loss.

Be there for the children. They need the support of the adults around them when they experience a sense of loss.

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Jewel Sample said...

Thank you so much Terri for showcasing FLYING HUGS AND KISSES.

As the article points out dispelling the myths about children's grief is important.

Children grieve as uniquely as any adult. The important lesson here is to follow their lead. Let the child choose what they need at that moment to help them heal.