Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Suggestions for Kids Whose Parents Have Cancer

As a parent we are the adults who protect our children and help them to battle when they become ill. Who helps a child protect and battle when the parent is the one seriously ill especially with a disease as frightening as cancer?

Here are a few books that address  this problem for kids whose parent may be dealing with cancer.

1. Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings
2. My Book about Cancer
                                 3. Becky and the Worry Cup
                                 4. Once Upon a Hopeful Night
5. The Paper Chain
6. Someone I Love is Sick
7 My Mommy Has Cancer

Here are just  few books to get you started with open discussions and conversations with your child. Discussions can be simple, age appropriate, and hopeful. The important thing is to remember that your child will sense something is different. His or her imagination may be more frightening than the truth, and the truth is always better from the parent. Read books together as a spring board to questions that your child may have and be afraid to ask. Contact your family physician or the American Cancer Society for more information on how to talk to your child about your cancer diagnosis.