Saturday, November 27, 2010

Looking for Kids who Help Kids

Thanksgiving and the upcoming Holiday season always makes me want to do more for others. It also makes me want to write about those that do for others, particularly kids helping kids. But I need your help.

If you know of a child or teen who is dealing with a serious illness but goes above and beyond to help other kids who have an illness or other need, please let me know who those special kids are. I want to write a book about just those kind of children.

Kindness and giving seems to make a difference in the healing and the pain for those who give. And I know there are kids in every state that have their own foundations, have their own charity projects, or in some way help other children. Can you share those with me? I have a vision for what could be a great book project to encourage, promote, and even raise awareness and funds for these kids. I want to interview each child or teen and get their perspective on giving and how that makes them feel. What great stories are out there and need to be told.

Let me hear from you about those kids you know who have made a difference beyond their own illness. I can't wait to get started, how about you?

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Debbie Maxwell Allen said...

What a fantastic idea! Such a worthy project. I'll keep my antennae up for some kids that would fit.