Monday, October 11, 2010

Prayer chains, Do they work?

Do you believe in one creator? When I see the beauty around us I believe. But what about when we are not surrounded by such beauty and instead  are surrounded by bad news, critical diagnoses, and sickness and poor health. Can we believe in one creator then?

Regardless of our personal religious beliefs, we all look for some comfort and direction when things go south. Illness, pain, financial difficulties, divorce, death, and job concerns can be overwhelming. My personal belief is that prayer works.

I pray in the car, while making dinner or doing laundry, when caring for my little patients, and basically every minute of every day. It works for me, even in bad times. What about you?
Dreamwords Publishing has a new site where you can ask for prayer requests and a prayer chain can be started. It is non-denominational and for people of all faiths. If you have something you need prayer for stop by the site or leave me a comment here and we will get the ball rolling. Everyone at some time needs alittle prayer. Dreamwords Publishing is the publisher who is publishing my book for those dealing with cancer. It is run by a compassionate and caring team who have committed themselves to praying for others. Give it some thought and let us pray for you.

Visit  Let me know what you find.  

Photo is of Alaska and was posted by my friend Amy. She is a wonderful example of a nurse with compassion and caring. She travels all over the world doing hospital mission work. Love you Amy.


Linda Rogacki said...

Yes, I believe in God and I believe that prayer chains, and faith work wonders, miracles even. I thank God for people like you, who do what you do with children. You and your fellow nurses will always be in my prayers.

terri.forehand said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I hope through mom bloggers that I can reach more moms dealing with these issues and also to get input from them on what support services they might need in way of education and resources, encouragement and prayer.

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
Have a nice day!

goodiebox said...

HI, following you from mom bloggers. Thanks for the inspiration.