Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kids and Illness, Serious Illness.

Kids get sick and kids get better. But what do parents do when a child doesn't seem to recover as quickly as mom and dad might think?

 Follow your gut. If your child doesn't recover from an illness such as the flu or upper respiratory illness within a reasonable length of time revisit your physician. There can be a variety of reasons including becoming reinfected with different strains of the same illness that can make a child ill. However, it can also mean there is an underlying reason for the child to be ill.

Recently I have learned of a couple children who had an underlying serious illness that kept them from recovering from a simple illness.

Don't panic if your child doesn't seem to be getting better, but also don't hesitate to follow your gut and recheck with your physician. If you don't get the answers that make sense to you, also don't hesitate to ask for a second opinion.

Give yourself permission to question and to seek answers. It is your job as a parent to do that. Remember for 98 percent of children suffering from flu and respiratory illness, recovery comes in a timely manner and usually within 10-14 days. But in those rare cases where after a month or two and your child still isn't himself, follow your gut and seek a second medical opinion. That's my two cents worth of advice. Let me know what you think.


Elpidio said...

the best thing parents do is to consult the experts.

Health tips and news for kids

terri.forehand said...

It is so important to follow your gut and see a doctor if your child is not getting any better. Better safe than sorry.

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