Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Safety

Happy Halloween. Be safe and help your kids to be safe too. Here are a few tips:

1. Use flashlights and flameless candles for light and atmosphere this Halloween
2. Check for loose or hanging strings, belts, or ties on your child's costume that may cause a fall or could be a choking hazzard.
3. Check all treats before the kids get a hold of them. Discard open packages or anything that may look tampered with and all small plastic parts that may cause choking.
4. Watch for pedestrian traffic as well as bikes, wagons, and moving vehicles. Know where your kids are at all times.

And remember to have fun..... the safety tips aren't meant to discourage you and your kids from having a great time. They are created from the injuries and accidents I have seen as a nurse from several years of emergency nursing. So really, it is okay to have fun. Just be careful and put some thought into the evening of disguises.  Let me know how it turns out. I will be waiting.

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