Saturday, June 5, 2010

New blog, site for children and teens, New blog for parents

Curious like this bear..... check out the website I just put up for kids and teens.

My goal is to have a safe place for kids and teens to ask questions, vent, and find inspiration and encouragement when they are dealing with an illness or serious situation in their lives. Check it out at and see what you think.

  • A safe place with free arcade games

  • A blog

  • A comment section for teens to vent

  • Short articles on information important to kids and teens dealing with an illness or treatment unlike what their peers have going on in life.

  • A place to be real.

  • Parents will benefit too.

Then also cruise on over to for a new look and some great information for parents who are dealing with a serious illness in their child.

My goal has always been to provide inspiration, education, and encouragement for those going through a serious illness, it is just the nurse in me. Check it out but I will continue to post here as well. Looking forward to gaining new readers in the process.