Friday, May 14, 2010

Kids with Cancer and other serious illnessess... moving the blog soon

Update for parents and kids with cancer and other serious illnesses:

I am in the process of updating the blog and writing new and more useful information for parents and kids who are dealing with cancer and serious illnesses. I will soon have an e-book on tips for parents to cope with the situation. Look for that hopefully by the end of June. I want the information to be meaty and full of helpful tips to decrease your stress while maintaining some normalcy during trying times.

  • I am also in the process of working with children with behavioral and emotional/ mental conditions that are challenging for me so I am sure can be challenging for parents, things like addictions, substance abuse, anger issues, etc. These can be as devastating to a family as cancer and can lead to an untimely death as well. Information for parents and kids may also be posted on the new blog.

  • I will continue to offer support for those children and parents with cancer.... I have a prayer book for adults coming out in the fall for those being diagnosed and treated for cancer. My goal is to also get one published for children. I am currently waiting on responses from publishers when it comes to my picture book about my fictional character who has leukemia. Maybe you remember meeting her here.... Lilly? She has a lot to say about what it is like to deal with leukemia and I think she offers not only information but a real connection for children who are dealing with the same thing. I hope a publisher feels the same way. I will keep you posted.

  • If you have information about resources for parents and kids who are dealing with these serious issues, email them to me so we can share them with others. It never hurts to offer more information, even if you assume that others are aware of the sources. Some parents really do not know where to turn.

Keep visiting here for the updates and feel free to offer your personal input. No one can know exactly how it feels to have your child be seriously ill unless you have cared for or experienced it first hand, so I appreciate the input.

Tip for the day: Plan a little fun into everyday.... even on chemo days, blood draw days, MRI days, scary days, and painful days. Fifteen minutes of silliness and laughing can ease pain, decrease stress levels, increase the hormones in the body that promote healing, and break the tension that most parents are feeling and trying to hide. Silly hats, face painting, a red rubber nose or a silly pair of glasses can evoke a smile and a deep sigh. Give it a try and live your best life.