Sunday, April 11, 2010

Working on a fresh look....... coming soon.

Spring is here and it is time for a fresh look to my blog for parents and kids dealing with a serious illness so I will be working on getting new and improved information to share with you.

  • More importantly to me, is the children's book that I am working on for children who are dealing with cancer. You have met my character here, Lilly Isabella Lane, but she needs her story finished. So while I am working on freshening up this blog, I will also be getting her story polished and off to a publisher, so for a time, the posts here may be less frequent.

I am passionate about providing stories for kids about characters doing and feeling the same things that real kids do and feel. So I am committed to getting her story out there for those readers who need to get to know her.

While I know that writing about uncomfortable subjects like kids dealing with cancer may not be popular for everyone, as a nurse, I know it needs to get done. Look for more about Lilly here. Comments and suggestions are always welcome here or by email at if you have something to add to the topic. Parents who have been dealing with a sick child may have important information to share, and I would be glad to include it with the book. Email if you have suggestions.

In the mean time, Happy Spring and Health and Blessings to all.

PS: I have a prayer book for adults dealing with cancer at the publisher now and will include links as soon as it is printed. I also am working on a children's version of prayers for kids with cancer. Keep checking.


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