Monday, March 8, 2010

Leukemia and Lymphoma newsletter

I have posted about various organizations that help families dealing with cancer but I cannot post enough information about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

This organization offers so much to families who are dealing with these blood cancers. They offer clinical information, financial assistance in some cases, and more importantly they offer hope for a cure for these diseases.

Visit the site and sign up for their newsletter. Here you can find so much factual information and good places to contribute time and funds for research.

When my fictional book about my character Lilly gets published, this will be the first place I contribute a portion of any profit the book makes. As a nurse, I have seen first hand how this agency helps families deal with these blood cancers. I give it an A+ as a service agency and highly recommend it as a resource for parents with a child newly diagnosed with leukemia.

Check it out at


Molly I. said...

Terri -- great work you are doing for children with cancer! I wanted to make you aware of our organization as a resource too. We are the Leukemia Research Foundation located in Wilmette, IL. Our organization funds $1 million toward research each year, as well as provides free educational seminars for patients & families led by a panel of experts in the field of hematology and oncology. We also provide more than $200,000 in patient financial assistance to those living in the state of IL, or within a 100 mile radius of Chicago. Check us out!

terri.forehand said...

Thanks Molly for visiting my blog and for commenting. I would love to do a post about your organization. I think parents are so overwhelmed when their child is diagnosed that they often are not aware of resources outside of their family and doctor. I will check it out.

Molly I. said...

"post-away" Terri! We want to be the BEST resource for patients in IL and nearby states. Call if we can answer any specific questions.