Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A great resource for leukemia and lymphoma research

Another great resource for parents and children diagnosed with leukemia and lymphoma, is the Leukemia Research Foundation.

Someone is diagnosed with Leukemia or lymphoma every 5 minutes....EVERY 5 MINUTES. That is an astounding statistic. And where do those parents go when they have been handed this blow.

I have many times suggested and now I am pleased to add this new site as well.

Check out and find out more valuable information. LRF donates over 1 million dollars a year to research for a cure for leukemia. They also offer over 200,000 dollars in financial help for families. Check out there site to see what they offer. I think you will find information, fundraising sites, and more tips for dealing with this disease. Let me know what you find so we can share it with other parents and kids fighting this fight.

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