Monday, March 15, 2010

Expert in Arthritis Author Irene Roth

Welcome Author Irene Roth to the blog today. She is a known author, expert in arthritis, and has recently published articles on arthritis in a national newspaper.

Children suffer from arthritis too, and Juvenile Arthritis is one of the number one illnesses for children under the age of 18.

Here Irene gives you some very basic information and links to more information for those of you who have or think you may have arthritis.

About the article: Title: Are you too young to be achy and sore?

In this article, I examine how kids can cope when they feel different because they have arthritis. They may feel slower than their siblings because of stiff and sore joints. They may be slower getting out of bed because of the pain in their joints. I then list a few things that kids could do if they have arthritis to cope with the disease.

Some of the things that I suggest are as follows:

1. Realize that you're not alone;

2. Tell your teachers about your diagnosis;

3. Accept your disabilities by using a few self-management techniques such as pacing yourself and to listening to your body.

About my experience with arthritis: I have been leading arthritis self-management workshops for almost ten years. It is a six week workshop on how to manage arthritis. It includes a book and a lot of reading material on the different types of arthritis. P

articipants are given a lot of valuable information during the six weeks and feel much more able to live with the least amount of pain.

I was first diagnosed with arthritis in 2000, and I took this very same workshop myself. I felt so alone and out of control. I was 40 at the time and felt that life has somehow cheated me.

The workshop so changed my life and my confidence level that I just knew that I had to help others have the very same feeling that I had at that moment.

So, I got trained through the Arthritis Society to run the workshop and have been running them ever since then here in Perth county and London, Ontario.

I also run some workshops in Kitchener, Ontario.

Visit these links for more information, for copies of the original article, and for links to Irene's sites. Let me know what you find.

The name of the publication that the article appeared in was: The Beacon Herald. It appeared in the Saturday edition of the paper. The web address for the Beacon Herald is:

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kathy stemke said...

Thanks for featuring Irene. Your article and clinics are an important contribution to society. Keep up the great work.

Kristi Bernard said...

This information is important. I didn't know that kids could have arthritis.

Mayra Calvani said...

Dear Irene,

I didn't know you were an expert in arthritis.

Thanks for the informative article.

Karen Cioffi said...

What an important topic. Very nicely done Irene. I didn't know you were an expert in Arthritis either.

Thanks for providing such useful information.

Carma Dutra said...

Very informative. I have arthritis and some members of my family also have it. And I know a few with RA. Once I thought my son had RA but that didn't surface, thank God. Arthritis pain can vary from mild to severe and when it hits it is almost like a spasm.

Thanks Terri, for sharing Irene and her expertise with us.

KrishaLiva said...

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