Friday, March 12, 2010

Arthritis and Children, New Cancer Site, and More from Lilly

We have seen signs of spring this week, birds, sunshine, and the scent of spring rains. Spring brings a sense of adventure and new beginnings.

Here at Heartfelt4kids we are feeling the same sense of adventure. We will be honoured to host author Irene Roth next week. Irene is an expert in arthritis in adults and children. She is a published author with articles about the subject and we will share her information early next week with links for parents who need more information.

Lilly, my fictional character who is teaching us about Leukemia will also give us another sneak peak into her book The ABC's of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane. Stay tuned for that snippet.

Finally, I will be linking you to information about another fantastic agency that funds Leukemia research and assists families who are dealing with this and other blood cancers.

I am always looking for more sites for information for parents and kids with serious or terminal illnesses, and I will be gathering more information on other illnesses besides cancer.

Check back often next week for all of this current info and updates on things you may want to know. In the mean time, enjoy whatever signs of spring are sprouting up in your area. Keep a look out for the robin. I have seen robins, blue birds, a cardinal, and two raccoons so far this week. Can spring be far behind?

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Hi Terri,

I love your blog. And I am so grateful for you to be interviewing me here. It is great to have a friend and supporter like you!

Have a great day!