Friday, February 5, 2010

Author-Alice J Wisler

I have found an author who has experienced the same grief that many of our readers have felt and she has taken that sadness and turned it into books and journaling programs to help others.

Alice J Wisler has a blog at where she shares her loss and the feelings of grief she has felt since her son passed away from cancer. Those of you who are parents may relate well to what she has to say and benefit from signing up for her newsletter.

It is easier to relate to a parent who has experienced the same kind of grief you have experienced and it is important to reach out to someone when you are going through the pain. Online contact can be encouraging even if all you do is read her posts and know that you are not alone in your feelings.

Alice also has a website to promote her books and her workshops on journaling through the grief. Check out her site at for more information.

Grief is a tangible pain. Seek sources to aid you through the process. Check it out.

Alice has written several books including Rain Song and How Sweet It Is. Get your copies of one of these books for your reading time. I am sure you will find something at her site or in her books that will touch your heart.


Alice J. Wisler said...

Thank you for this post. Please do let me hear from others of you who are in grief.

~ Alice

terri.forehand said...

Thanks for visiting Alice, as a pediatric critical care nurse I have a passion for parents and kids going through illness and loss. I appreciate your site and will refer to your site again. I am currently working on a picture book for children dealing with cancer. There is a need for more resources at their level for independent reading and understanding.

台中 said...


Alice J. Wisler said...

And we so appreciated our nurses at UNC-Chapel Hill when Daniel was in critical care.

Good luck with the piture book!
~ Alice