Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year... New Goals...More resources and support for parents and kids dealing with illness.

Welcome 2010.. bring on the New Year with gusto even for those of us dealing with loss, illness, and pain. Everyday is a new day, a lesson in living, and in some cases a lesson in how to die with love and dignity.

I have been lax in posting the past few months, not from lack of desire to provide but more from a lack of time. I have been working with special needs children who are ventilator dependent or who have extensive special needs and I have been helping to bring them home.

As a nurse in a pediatric home care agency, you see first hand what families deal with and how they cope. Not all coping is healthy. I have learned wonderful lessons and seen total dysfunction, but every day I have learned.

From my lessons as a nurse, I will again post as often as possible offering resources for parents and kids who are dealing with illness and special needs on a daily basis. I will also be offering pieces of a couple of children's books that I am working on.

I have seen a huge lack in books and resources for children, written for their level and addressing the fears and facts that children dealing with illness are asking for and deserve. I hope to be able to provide a series of books for children dealing with things like cancer, muscular dystrophy, and other childhood diseases based on facts woven with fictional characters that kids can relate to.

Parents may have a difficult time speaking to the emotional aspect of what children feel, largely because parents are dealing with their own emotions. I hope to help kids relate to fictional characters who have the illnesses or problems their friends or siblings may be experiencing and offer a link to helping them cope.

I will keep you posted here with excerpts and progress. I will also keep you updated on as much new medical material as I can find, books, resources, websites, and anything else I can find to help.

Looking forward to reaching you and expanding to more readers with heartfelt words to help.

P.S. The bears and future pictures may depict Alaska because I have dreams of going there in 2011 for some writing and researching. The pictures help me to focus on my goal and encourage me to work towards it especially when times get tough. What can you use to help you focus and look ahead to a better time?

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