Sunday, January 17, 2010

Book of Prayers coming soon

  • We are now almost one month into the New Year. Not a one of us wants to have to deal with a serious health related issue in 2010 but the reality of life is that some of us will.

I believe in being positive and proactive with our health. Make time to get your yearly health exams done. Visit your physician if you feel a lump, a mass, or experience pain that cannot be explained. And monitor your children for the same. Life is unfair, and children do become seriously ill. It is important for early diagnosis for both adults and children for many diseases seen today.

But when you do have to face the fear of diagnosis and treatments, where do you go for support? I think most of us regardless of our religious beliefs will turn to some form of prayer to help us with the crisis. I don't attempt to be an expert on religion and I don't want to mistake my faith for yours, however, I think we all seek comfort from a higher power than ourselves.

I have partnered with another writing friend to offer comfort and support for those who need it during an illness or health crisis. We will soon be offering books written from our hearts to yours to help you through specific diagnoses and treatments. Look for these to be published in 2010.

2010 will bring us closer and I will continue to supply you with resources and inspiration through whatever trials come your way. As you know, I have a passion for helping you and your child deal with childhood illnesses. Visit the blog often for encouragement, book reviews, and health related information for you and your children. Here is to a better 2010 no matter what life throws our way.


天氣晴 said...
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LC David said...

Most welcome!!! i was waiting for this...
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Irene Sonia Roth said...


I love your blog. I think it is very important for people to take care of themselves. Very often we don't.

Take good care,