Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another nurse blogging.... check it out.

I have discovered a blog by another nurse who specializes in children with emotional and behavioral issues. Sometimes kids with these problems are often misunderstood, and I found it refreshing to see someone with knowledge offering parents some advice.
  • The symptoms and behaviors of children with ADHD, depression, and other mental illnesses cause the same stress as a child with cancer or special need. The answers for parents are even more difficult to find and often support for parents and kids dealing with these issues is absent.
Check out the blog of Lori Kloc RN for posts on chicken pox, ADHD, and medications. Several of the posts I read were very helpful in understanding some of the medications and side-effects. The blog can be reached at Read her past posts for some great information or to make a comment. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Suggested websites for children with physical challenges

It can be daunting trying to find reliable resources for parents looking for services for their child when the child may have physical challenges or disabilities. Sometimes the hospitals and local resources are extremely helpful, but I have found that after the initial diagnosis and treatment, long term support may fade or disappear altogether.

Here are a couple of web sites for resources that have been recommended by an author friend.

Check out the sites and see if they might have any links you find helpful, then email me if you have found them useful. If you have other resources please feel free to share them.

1). National Library Service For the Blind & Physically Handicapped This is a free lending library for the disabled. Books for all ages in braille or on tape. It's incredible.

2) Joni & Friends is a Christian organization with offices all over.

3) REACH of Dallas - might be able to point you to some resources.

Anytime a resource is helpful to you in your situation, rest assured that it may help someone else too.

Check out author J Aday Kennedy and her website at She is a published author with much success while living with physical challenges. She is an inspiration for all of us to be our best no matter what challenges life has thrown our way, and she is a blessing to all who read her work.

Monday, July 20, 2009

When an apple a day doesn't cut it......

  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or says the line from a well known children's poem.

The fact is, it is not the truth.

For many parents the reality is that no amount of medicine, apples or otherwise, will make their child better. Nothing stops the endless stream of doctors, appointments, medicines, treatments, nursing care, or pain of a critical illness or terminal disease state. So how do you help those parents?

First, lend a listening ear. Words from you will most likely not be of much comfort, yet just listening to their fears and angst will be of some support.

Second, offer your time. Make a meal, run an errand, clean their house, mow the lawn, or take the other kids out for a fun day away from the stress. Don't ask, because most parents will refuse not wanting to burden or impose. Just do it. Relieving parents under this type of stress of just one daily chore or concern is of monumental help even if they can't verbalize it at the time.

Finally, organize church members and neighbors to raise funds for the family or for the research associations related to the disease. Honor the family by donations of money to the medical cause or funds to pay the bills, or to help cover the costs of transportation and meals away from home. Brainstorm with others to find a tangible way to show you care, and believe me, even 25 dollars helps a family when a child has lengthy hospital stays and medical bills.

When a cure is not possible or when a special needs child is under a lengthy plan of treatment, small tangible efforts for the parents and child make a difference. The reward is how good it will make you feel to do for others. Try it and let me know what kinds of things you find to do and I will pass them along.

Together, we can make an impact in some small way.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Follow me here and check out my new author blog as well.

Graduation is a time for new beginnings. That doesn't mean you forget your old life or that you don't continue to do some of your favorite things from your past, but more that you start fresh doing other things you love. Your follow your passion.

  • I feel like I am graduating to a tiny step higher on the writing ladder. I have started another blog geared to my writing interests and to those who are as passionate about writing for kids as I am.

I will continue this wonderful blog and use it for what I designed it for .... to be of service to parents and kids dealing with loss, terminal illnesses, and long term disabilities. I will continue to give book reviews, offer resources, and insight into what might help a person deal with these tough issues.

However, I am graduating to a new place to follow my passion for writing for children. At this new blog at I will be offering my journey in the writing arena. I hope to show insight into what it takes as a newbie in the world of writing and to connect new writers with resources and ideas, topics of interest, and an exposure to some of the ideas I have that I want to develop. It will be a learning experience for me and hopefully one for the reader. It will be a journey like none other... I have wanted to be a writer for more than thirty years, dabbling in it for at least that long.

Please read this blog for the health related topics you need and the encouragement and resources it takes to deal with tough issues. But follow the new blog for the fun and information I hope it will offer to those who dream of writing something important someday.

Parents looking for a pediatric skilled nursing agency to help with your special needs child, check out Loving Care Agency. It has several offices on the East coast, three in the Midwest, and have offices in Arizona as well. The website can give you more specific areas of location and an idea of the services they offer. Check it out at

Looking forward to serving the readers at both blogs. May we reach our dreams together, whatever they may be.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Special Needs Children....

Parenting Special Needs children is a challenge. As a nurse, some of those challenges I understand, but some of them I most likely cannot easily identify because I am not the parent of one of these kids.

As a Writer, I want to identify and define some of those challenges and clearly relate them to the reader.... so here is my plan. I will research and investigate, I will pull information from the many resources available to me as a clinical manager of pediatric special needs kids, and I will ask questions.....

But, who do I ask? Do I get the information from the professionals who have book smarts, clinical experience, and an objective view of how things should be for these kids? Do I find parents willing to share their stories so I can understand? How about I ask some of the kids what it is like to be thought of as special or different?

The more I want to help these kids and these parents, the more I realize I still need to learn. But most importantly, I have discovered that there is a need for more information for
  • parents
  • family members
  • neighbors
  • physicians
  • caregivers
  • children

So I will start on my journey of discovery. If anyone has information they would like to share with me, please feel free to help me to understand what parents need, what these kids need, what can be done to make life a little better. As a nurse, I want to do something to make a difference....anyone have thoughts on where to begin besides turning our heads the other way and pretending special needs kids don' t need us.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July......

Happy 4th of July.

I pray for a safe and happy holiday for you all. Whatever your circumstances, take a moment today to remember those fighting for our freedom, and for those who have served and now come home to deal with pain, injuries, and adjustment to civilian life.

We do appreciate you and we do value our freedom. Thank you for all you have done to protect us from harm. It is because of those who serve that we can cook out, celebrate with fireworks and enjoy family and friends.

Watch for a new blog for writers coming soon and more helpful information here for parents caring for special needs children. Until then, Have a peaceful and glorious holiday.