Sunday, August 16, 2009

Emergency Room or Urgent Care?

Emergency Room


Urgent Care........... Parents sometimes have difficulty deciding whether or not the symptoms their child or family member is experiencing should be treated now. It can be a dilemma as to whether to wait for the doctor's office to open, to go to an urgent care clinic, or to go to the emergency room. Here are a few tips to help you decide.

Life threatening issues should be seen in a hospital emergency room.

These include:

  • apparent heart attack or stroke
  • breathing difficulties
  • severe bleeding
  • loss of consciousness
  • seizures
  • severe multiple injuries
  • open fractures
  • chest pain
  • partial or total limb amputations
  • trauma or injury to the head
  • sudden onset of dizziness
  • severe abdominal pain

Things that may require medical attention but not immediately life threatening can be seen in an urgent care facility or ambulatory care clinic. Some issues may wait until the physician's office opens in the morning as well.

Illnesses that can be handled in an urgent care facility or clinic are:

  • skin rashes and itching
  • sunburn
  • runny nose, cough
  • sinus trouble
  • earache or sore throat
  • neck or back pain
  • fever
  • sprains
  • puncture wounds
  • tetanus shot
  • small cuts needing stitches
  • pain when urinating

Remember that any illness or symptom that affects the airway, breathing, or heart and circulation is an emergent issue and should be handled in an emergency room.

These tips should make it easier to decide where to take your child in the case of illness or pain. When in doubt, always error on the side of caution and seek treatment.


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