Thursday, July 23, 2009

Suggested websites for children with physical challenges

It can be daunting trying to find reliable resources for parents looking for services for their child when the child may have physical challenges or disabilities. Sometimes the hospitals and local resources are extremely helpful, but I have found that after the initial diagnosis and treatment, long term support may fade or disappear altogether.

Here are a couple of web sites for resources that have been recommended by an author friend.

Check out the sites and see if they might have any links you find helpful, then email me if you have found them useful. If you have other resources please feel free to share them.

1). National Library Service For the Blind & Physically Handicapped This is a free lending library for the disabled. Books for all ages in braille or on tape. It's incredible.

2) Joni & Friends is a Christian organization with offices all over.

3) REACH of Dallas - might be able to point you to some resources.

Anytime a resource is helpful to you in your situation, rest assured that it may help someone else too.

Check out author J Aday Kennedy and her website at She is a published author with much success while living with physical challenges. She is an inspiration for all of us to be our best no matter what challenges life has thrown our way, and she is a blessing to all who read her work.

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Zeeshan Amjad said...

Actually a good place for all kids to be healthy :)

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