Sunday, July 19, 2009

Follow me here and check out my new author blog as well.

Graduation is a time for new beginnings. That doesn't mean you forget your old life or that you don't continue to do some of your favorite things from your past, but more that you start fresh doing other things you love. Your follow your passion.

  • I feel like I am graduating to a tiny step higher on the writing ladder. I have started another blog geared to my writing interests and to those who are as passionate about writing for kids as I am.

I will continue this wonderful blog and use it for what I designed it for .... to be of service to parents and kids dealing with loss, terminal illnesses, and long term disabilities. I will continue to give book reviews, offer resources, and insight into what might help a person deal with these tough issues.

However, I am graduating to a new place to follow my passion for writing for children. At this new blog at I will be offering my journey in the writing arena. I hope to show insight into what it takes as a newbie in the world of writing and to connect new writers with resources and ideas, topics of interest, and an exposure to some of the ideas I have that I want to develop. It will be a learning experience for me and hopefully one for the reader. It will be a journey like none other... I have wanted to be a writer for more than thirty years, dabbling in it for at least that long.

Please read this blog for the health related topics you need and the encouragement and resources it takes to deal with tough issues. But follow the new blog for the fun and information I hope it will offer to those who dream of writing something important someday.

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Looking forward to serving the readers at both blogs. May we reach our dreams together, whatever they may be.

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