Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kids are precious.....

  • Kids are precious and they have such happy spirits. Sometimes in this world when things are so scary with the violence, diseases, loss of jobs, and money worries we have as adults, we overlook those happy hearts our children have.

My grand-daughter's entry in the art fair reminded me of the absolute JOY that children have in their little hearts. To them, butterflies, bees, sunshine, and rainbows is all there is to their perfect world as long as they are loved.

Spend some time this week finding JOY and looking for the butterflies and rainbows in your little corner of the world. I will be spending some precious time with my grandchildren to find mine. Maybe we will see a butterfly or a rainbow in the process.


Mom's Pledge said...

You are right, they are precious little beings and every minute is a turning of a new page.

Gayle McCain said...

Butterflies are everywhere. When spending time with your precious grandchildren, they will appear as if by magic. Taking you deeper into the magic of childhood.

Follow their flittering pathway, and you will find Joy.

Gayle McCain