Sunday, May 3, 2009

You Want Me To Do What... by b.lynn goodwin

Some of you are caregivers for elderly parents, an ill spouse, or a disabled child. You take care of the most intimate details and activities of daily living for those you love along with working, taking care of your own home, and any number of other responsibilities. And most caregivers do it with a smile as they keep pent up feelings inside. Feelings of fear, depression, anger, frustration, love, sadness, and every other feeling imaginable.

  • Journaling may be an answer for you. Author b. lynn goodwin has written a book for caregivers called You Want Me To Do What?

In this book the author guides you as you find your voice and put the feelings you have about care giving on the page. Your story is unique and your situation is your story. This book helps you to validate what you feel and how much you care.

More about the book and other interesting articles and reviews can be found at

There is a wonderful review of the book by author Carolyn Howard- Johnson. This author/teacher has an informative website well worth checking into at You can also read more about her at

Check it out. If you are a caregiver, you may benefit from reading goodwin's book. Let me know how you like it.


Dorothy Massey said...

Lynn Goodwin's book sounds great, Terri. Well done for recommending it. Journalling is like sharing your feelings with a good friend. When you write down your feelings it helps so much. It's worked for me when I've had challenges in my life. Dorothy

Judy said...

goodwin's book seems like an excellent solution for those in that "caregiving" place in their life. There are many difficult moments and situations and journaling would seem the perfect outlet.


Carma's Window said...

My mother was the caregiver for her husband for ten years. The last three were especially difficult as his physical disabilities increased. This is an important book for caregivers who feel they have to do it alone.