Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Book out by Susan Warren

It is time to pick a few good books for your summer reading. If you have a sick child who needs you at the bedside, grab a good book to read while they nap. Reading is one pastime that doesn't require a lot of physical energy and one where you can still be near the one you are caring for while disappearing into the pages of the story. Try the new Book by Susan Warren. ( Check the tab picture of book on the sidebar of this blog )

I know you will find the book a page turner. Check out her website as well if you are interested in writing or reading other books by this author.

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Susan May Warren Soul-Stirring Fiction www.susanmaywarren.com





This well known author has so much to offer both her readers and those who want to write. Check it out.


Jewel Sample said...

Awesome website. Thank you for posting.

Theresa Schultz said...

More valuable resources.

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