Thursday, April 9, 2009

Purple Songs Can Fly....

I have posted before about this great group of kids and their music, kids with cancer or kids who love someone who has cancer. They write and perform music for a pleasure, to raise money, and to share their musical gifts to ease the pain for others. Here is their latest news by email. Thought you might like to see what others do with their talents and be inspired.

Dear Friends of Purple Songs Can Fly,

We've had many beautiful songs written & recorded recently. Just last week, a 12 year old boy wrote a song for his grandmother called, "I Call Her MaMa". So Beautiful!

We are eagerly following Astronaut Scott Parazynski's Mount Everest Climb. He is scheduled to reach the summit in mid to late May and is carrying a disc with all songs written with the project, and a prayer flag with the Purple Songs Can Fly & Texas Children's Cancer Center logos.He plans to leave the flag on the summit, and bring the CD back to us.Sending lots of purple vibes to Scott for a safe adventure!

This week an AP story about Purple Songs appeared on the Grammy website,

On the home page it is listed under Latest Industry News, Titled: The Healing StudioThe direct link is:

On May 27th, Astronaut Heide will be coming up to the Cancer Center to meet with the children and return the CD of Purple Songs that flew with her on the Space Shuttle this past Fall.We are all looking forward to meeting her and hearing about her mission!

Reader's Digest did a story about Purple Songs Can Fly and it will be appearing in the June Edition. The children's songs will be flying this summer on the first undersea flying machine, DeepFlight.

I made a trip to Japan in March where we are planning a Japan outreach for Purple Songs. Thank you to everyone in Japan for your amazing hospitality and support of the project!

Many Thanks to all of you for your continued support of Purple Songs Can Fly!


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