Saturday, March 28, 2009

Skilled Home Health Care... have your considered the possibilities?

I am a new clinical manager for skilled pediatric nursing home health agency. The experience is eye opening.

  • I know how difficult critically ill children can be to take care of in the hospital setting, but unless you experience it first hand, no one can appreciate how difficult it is to care for these same children in the home setting.

At home, there are still monitors with alarms, ventilators, feeding tubes, suction machines, and an enormous amount of supplies, electrical cords, alarms, and equipment to meet the needs of these long term care kids.

The plus side of this is the children who are well cared for at home, stay healthier for longer and respond well to the love and contact of family.

The down side of home care is it is exhausting for parents and invasive too. The steady stream of new nurses and other staff in and out of the family home can be very disruptive to the family privacy and daily routine. It is an emotionally draining experience for the parents even for those excited to bring their child home. It can be added stress to family relationships and to the best marriages.

The trend is to do more care at home because it is less expensive than hospitalization. We will be seeing sicker kids and adults being maintained in the home environment. It may even be someone you know.

If you think your child or family member may qualify for skilled nursing health care at home, talk to your physician to discuss your options. If you are caring for a child or an adult in the home setting, utilize support groups and social services to get the emotional support it takes to cope with this huge responsibility.

Check out for an example of a skilled home health agency. If you need more information, contact me and I will try to help you find what you need. There are many options available, so start researching today.

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