Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Types of Blood Cells

  • Blood draws are not pleasant and for kids the experience can be downright frightening.

When parents understand what the tests are for, it makes it somewhat easier to help your child through the procedure.

The first blood test most kids must have done for almost any illness is a complete blood count.

This is what the test will show.

First it will tell you how many Red Blood Cells your child has. Red blood cells make up the major part of your blood and these cells carry the oxygen to the organs and the carbon dioxide ( waste ) from organs. This tells doctors if you have enough red blood cells to keep a healthy supply of oxygen circulating. This also lets doctors know if the bone marrow is working properly.

The second most important thing the test shows is the White Blood Cell count. This is a complex set of information but the most important thing for parents to know initially is that the white blood cells show how well your child is protected from infection. White blood cells and their components are what fight bacteria. An elevated white blood cell count can indicate an infectious process going on or it can give doctors an indication of a need for more tests.

Red blood cells and White blood cells are the place to start when looking at overall health. Next, I will give you information on the components of the White blood cells and more.....

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