Monday, February 2, 2009

The Lemonade Award

  • I have been awarded the When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade award for this blog by author and publisher Joy Delgado. She is an independent children's publisher of Laughing Zebra Children's Books. Her blog is at

It is exciting to know there are readers who read, enjoy, and learn from this blog.

In turn, I must nominate 10 blogs which I find useful and a great resource. If I nominate someone who has already been awarded the prize, it only reinforces the fact that your blog is awesome.

I will in turn, nominate 10 blogs. Here are my picks in no particular order......

  1. author Suzanne Lieurance
  2. -illustrator Dawn Phillips
  3. -author Donna McDine
  4. author Carma Dutra
  5. author Simon Rose
  6. -author Margot Finke
  7. author Jewel Samples
  8. - author Dorothy Massey
  9. - author Theresa Schultz
  10. - author Keri Mikulski

There are many more blogs and much more information for both parents and authors, kids and teens on the Internet. Start with these safe sites and follow other sites they list. You are in for an adventure of fun and information, especially if you are interested in writing, kids, and anything in between.


Judy said...

A well deserved nomination - you are always so willing to help those in the less than best situations. Your site is a wealth of information for families in distress.

Thanks for all you do.


Keri Mikulski said...

Thanks so much, Terri! This award means a lot to me because my dad always said make lemonade out of lemons. :)

And your site is certainly completely deserving of the award. You're the best. :)

terri.forehand said...

Thanks girls, I love doing this. Next, books for young mind is a whirling....


Theresa Schultz said...

Hey, thanks for nominating my blog.


Donna M. McDine said...

Hi Terri...lovely to be nominated by you...much appreciated. Keep up the great work...the info you provide is valuable!


Carma's Window said...

Terri, I am honored to be nominated for this award. Especially now. I have received my share of lemons this last week or so and boy do I need lemonade. I hope I can pass it on.


Dorothy Massey said...

Thanks for nominating me, Terri. Dorothy