Wednesday, January 7, 2009

RSV season in full swing.....

RSV, or the respiratory syncytial virus is in full swing. I know, because we had 11 patients with it in our unit this week and several of those required intubation and artificial ventilation.

  • While the virus may just cause cold like symptoms in older children, it can be very serious for infants, premature infants, and toddlers. It can also cause more serious complications in children already compromised by immuno-supression from chemotherapy or other treatments.

The symptoms of RSV are: irritability and poor feeding, cough, difficulty breathing, wheezing, low oxygen levels and lethargy. Visit for a more complete discussion about RSV by their resident pediatrician, Dr. Vincent Iannelli, MD

Call your pediatrician or family physician if you think your child is getting worse or having difficulty breathing. From experience, I know that RSV can be serious so don't hesitate to consult your doctor.

Prevention of course goes back to hand washing and avoiding exposure. Keep your child home if he or she has a fever, runny nose and cough, and other symptoms which may be contagious to others. When your child's fever is gone for 24 hours and he or she is feeling better, remind them about hand washing, covering their mouth when coughing, and using Kleenex for the runny nose or sneeze. The cough may last well past when the child feels better so continued hygiene is important to prevent further spreading of the germs.

Check out the site for other helpful health related information or consult with your family doctor.


J. Aday Kennedy's A Writing Playground said...

I woke up with an ear ache on a Friday. I went 2 the Dr. and got misdiagnosed. Got sicker over the weekend and saw my primary Dr. Monday. (I never thought he was a good Dr. He accepted my insurance. I only went to him for run of the mill illnesses. What harm could he do? A lot.) I saw him Monday and got misdiagnosed again. He said I had the flu. I went to the emergency room that night. I had pnuemoccocal bacterial spinal meningitis. It has flu-like symptoms.
It was a small local hospital. I think they weren't equipped to monitor me. Two days later I had a stroke and respiratory arrest. I went into a coma. Finally, they transferred me to a hospital in Dallas.
I woke from the coma a ventilator dependent quadriplegic. The moral of my story is simple.Only use a
Dr. you believe in. Something as simple as an ear ache should be checked out.
If you're not satisfied with the original treatment get a second opinion from a TRUSTED Dr. Beware of flu symptoms. They could be a sign of a more serious illness.
Happy New Year,
J. Aday Kennedy
The Differently-Abled Writer

Judy said...


Such excellent advice for parents/caretakers. I am watching my young (2) grandson today to give him another day away from daycare - he has pnuemonia. His mom doesn't fool around fortunately and watches his symptom carefully.

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Theresa Schultz said...

Excellent advice Terri, as always.