Monday, January 12, 2009

Reflect on Last Year but Move on to 2009....

The life of our two alpacas is the same last year, the year before that, and it will be the same this year. Eat, sleep, haircut in May, nails trimmed in April and September, and teeth grinding in May with the haircut. That's it...nothing to change, nothing to improve on, just eat, sleep, poop, and eat again.

We humans are different. No two days are the same, let alone two years or months. We spend endless amount of time thinking about and listing what we need to do and what we want. That is okay if you don't spend too much time knocking yourself for what you didn't do or what you felt you failed at.

I propose you take less time to think about all you didn't get done and move on to what you have in front of you. Here is what you have, regardless of what your personal situation is or how sad or how serious or how lacking you feel your life is.

  1. You have YOU.... a unique individual with talent, skill, and wisdom.
  2. You have control over how you react to your situation.
  3. You have can choose to be positive or you can choose to feel gloomy, but you do have a choice. That goes for any choose how you feel... admitting to your choices is sometimes the hard part.
  4. You were designed to do something special with your life, for some that is being a mom, wife, teacher, nurse, writer, aunt, or any number of things your life includes- so be present in whatever moment you are in right now. Do your very best with the moment, then move on to the next moment.
  5. Set goals for yourself, but make sure that they are goals you can attain. Don't set yourself up for failure.
  6. Be open to whatever comes, for some of us it will be good things and that of course is what I wish for all of you. But for some, the new year will bring sadness as well. Last year I lost my dad, a very sad time. This year is a new year and to honour my dad, I will work hard at my writing, something he was proud of. For you, the new year will bring something different. Be open to what comes....

Make 2009 the best it can be by making positive choices about how you react, how you set and attain your goals, and by being present in every moment of everyday. In a nutshell, enjoy your life and be grateful. Blessings for 2009.


Judy said...

Thank you Terri - well written and your Dad would be proud....


Theresa Schultz said...


I cut and pasted this into a Word document and saved it in a folder I call Inspirational.

Thank you so much,

terri.forehand said...

Thanks girls for being faithful readers and for all of the encouragement. I so appreciate all of your kind words.


Carma's Window said...

Terri thank you for this post. Ahh to be an Alpaca! Not! Life is too short to be small.

You are very motivating and what a great reminder that we are all unique with individual talents.


Dawn Phillips said...


You've pin pointed my life to a tee.
Sometimes, it's harder to slow down ones daily activities, instead we're cramming ourselves to the max.

Always a joy to read your blogs.

Best Regards,
Dawn Phillips