Saturday, December 27, 2008

Start the New Year Write....

I believe all of us have important things to put into words. Start the New Year off right by learning to put feelings and thoughts into words for others to enjoy or benefit from in an important way.

Ten reasons to join me at The Children's Writers' Coaching Club.
  1. It is easy to join... just click the matching icon on the right side of this blog
  2. It is fun
  3. You will make new and talented friends your very first day
  4. You will watch yourself grow as a writer reaching others with your words
  5. You will get encouragement and support
  6. You will learn new skills to market yourself as a writer
  7. You will learn new ways to produce informational products in your area of interest
  8. You have access to a professional coach and mentor
  9. You will expand on your abilities and hone your skills
  10. It is flexible and fits into your schedule easily

And one more reason.... from experience, this is more information and education regarding writing for children, query letters, fiction, non-fiction, book writing and writing for magazines and the business of writing then any other course for less money. A small monthly membership gets you weekly assignments, critiques, tele-classes, a writing coach, and so much more.

Whether you want to journal about an illness or you want to write travel logs, whether you want to write business brochures or children's stories... Coach Suzanne Lieurance offers several clubs and classes to meet your needs.

Check out the websites for coach Suzanne Lieurance and see what I mean.

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