Saturday, December 13, 2008

A New Blog ....On Hospice and Grief

I have another resource for those of you dealing with grief or have the burden of needing Hospice care for a loved one.
This blog is sponsored by The Hospice Foundation of America and has several links for good solid information for those in need.
I checked out several of the links, especially the one for children. It offers many articles regarding pediatric needs. It is worth a look.
Anytime you are dealing with a situation this devastating, it is always a blessing to find resources from reliable professionals and this site has several contributors who are qualified. The blog can be found at
You may also check out the website which is full of excellent information for families facing these dilemmas.

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Dorothy Massey said...

Hi Terri, Your blog continues to be a source of support and information. Your dedication shows in its quality and its quantity, Dorothy