Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Honest Scrap Award.......

I was happy to be awarded The Honest Scrap award by children's author Donna McDine. It requires me to list 10 honest things I think or feel even if I have to dig deep to discover them.

  1. Visit Donna McDine at http://donna-mcdine.blogspot.com/ to read about this awesome children's author.

And here is my list of honest things: keep in mind I have a nurse's mind as well as a writer's way of thinking.

  1. The oldest sibling always feels responsible in the scheme of family, no matter what, but he or she would not change that God assigned rank for anything, including me.
  2. Christmas should be about the birth of Christ and it has turned into a huge over expectation of both behaviors, gifts, and commercialism, loosing the meaning at times.
  3. I still love Christmas.
  4. The truth is often painful, especially if the truth includes an ugly diagnosis, a poor prognosis, or when it involves end of life issues. No two people deal with these issues the same way. And there is no right or wrong, there is a healthy way and a not so healthy way.
  5. In my line of work, children die. It is sad, horrible, frightening, but real. Children get sick and die. The bright side to this are the resources and professionals out there who want to help families deal with the realities of life.
  6. I love what I do both in nursing and with my writing. I want to get better at both. And the truth is I want the writing to be lucrative as well as meaningful. And I do want to work from home. Is that so bad?
  7. I am blessed to be part of a writing group. These authors are extremely talented and offer honest critiques to improve each of us in our craft. It is honest, can be painfully honest, but we are improving. At least the others are improving, the jury is still out for me.
  8. Rejections hurt and the new author takes them personally. Rejections still hurt with the seasoned author, but the difference is the mature author just writes something else or sends the rejected manuscript out again. It is all part of the process. I still rank myself as new.
  9. Children are our most valued asset, and believe it or not, some adults don't realize that.
  10. Money is not everything, you can't take it with you, it doesn't buy friends, health, or family. The honest fact of the matter is though, we can not live without it. Happiness is finding a balance where money is not the center.


Judy said...


We are fortunate to have you as part of our group. You are always encouraging and post with much wisdom. As for your writing - it is wonderful. You have such a special way of presenting what is not always a happy topic and showing how much you care in your words. It is a special gift and you have it hands down.

Just keep on writing...
P.S. - Don't ever feel guilty about wanting to work from home - it has many positives.

Donna M. McDine said...

Terri...what heartfelt words. Keep up your wonderful work...your words are to the point but compassionate at the same time. You are amazing!

Donna Mcdine

Jewel Sample said...

Hi Terri,
The gifts of balancing your writing, your wisdom and compassion is truly one to behold in a sometimes thankless world.
As a new writer I strife to be one each day. I hope others will be able to say that about me when I am grown up. But I know it will be a while.
Keep writing and sharing. There are those of us who benefit as a result of your sacrifices.

Blessings of His peace, joy and love to you and those who love you,

terri.forehand said...

Thank you all so much for the encouraging words. I appreciate each and every one of you, your talents, and your friendship.


Dorothy Massey said...

I enjoyed reading your ten honest statements, Terri. I hope I can find the right balance next year. I love working from home, but it's very hard for me to keep disciplined and focussed. The benefits are wonderful though. Best wishes, Dorothy