Thursday, December 11, 2008

After the Diagnosis...How to Look Out for Yourself or a Loved One

I was asked to be a judge for The Mom's Choice Awards and feel privileged to be part of this awesome responsibility. I was asked to look at several health related books and I will give a review of each of these from time to time on the blog.

After the Diagnosis...How to Look Out for Yourself or a Loved One

author - Donna L. Pikula, DDS, MS

ISBN -0-9768970-0-8
Publisher - Books 2 Help You, LLC

This book is especially helpful for adults when a diagnosis is made regardless of how serious the condition may be. It gives many terms, laboratory tests, x-rays, and expected outcomes for the adult. It gives good information on how to research the condition, on insurance details, and on questions to ask.

The book give ideas on keeping your medical information organized and on how to find the appropriate centers for the care you need or for the one you love.

All of the principles in the book are solid and informative. The book is a good resource as an initial source of information for the normally healthy adult who has been given an unexpected diagnosis and thrown into a spiral of terms and complex information. Most of what is in the book may be adapted to a parent with a child who has also been diagnosed, but other sources for pediatric care should be consulted.

The book provides some great insight and basic information useful to anyone with a medical issue. Check it out.



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