Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Holidays are approaching......

Thanksgiving will be here soon and the Christmas holidays are fast approaching. I have started crafting a Santa or two myself.

What I propose to you is this.....

Take time this holiday season to think about children who may be dealing with a serious health crisis this holiday and make a difference. Here are some ideas to start your creative juices flowing:
  • Make holiday cards for a pediatric unit at your local hospital and send them there to be given out to kids who are hospitalized over the holidays.

Local nursing home residents would benefit from the same idea if there are not pediatric units in your area.

Donate a toy to be wrapped and given during Christmas to a hospital. Most Emergency rooms, clinics, and urgent cares will give out presents to children who come in for care at that time of year. Small tokens like coloring books and crayons are also appreciated and used for distraction at any time of year a child being treated in an emergent situation.

Locate and donate to a local Leukemia or Cancer Society, hospice center, or other group who may be low on funding at this time of year. A local food pantry would also benefit from a few cans of food, which directly helps kids in need.

Look for coat drives for kids in need.

Donate a blanket to your local fire department or ambulance service. These folks are the first on scene at vehicle accidents and house fires where victims need warmth and protection in an emergency situation. What better way to share the holiday spirit?

It really doesn't matter where you choose to give or how much or to whom. What does matter is the time and effort you spend thinking about someone else in need. There are so many kids out there dealing with illnesses and diseases that most of us haven't even heard of .

It would be in the spirit of the holiday to share just one small part of yourself this holiday season. And be grateful for all of your blessings as well. Gratitude really makes the season better.

Let me know where you choose to share. I will pass it on to others. If we all do just one tiny thing during our own celebrations, it will truly make a difference, I promise you. I see it everyday in the lives of the kids I take care of in intensive care. Caring matters.

Blessings to all. The month of thanksgiving is upon us, and I am grateful for the readers of this blog. Thanks to you all.

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A.M.Writer said...

Great ideas and a reminder to think of others, not just ourselves, during the holiday season.