Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Published on Associated Content

I have been busy with the writing side of my passion, kids.

I also have a passion for anyone trying to get their work published no matter what arena they are interested in. Writers looking for experience or a way to get writing clips may want to check out this web site . http://www.associatedcontent.com/

Here is the link to the first article I have published at this site. Granted, it did not pay much. However, I am gaining experience and exposure. I have two more articles waiting to be published, one on grief for children and one a political opinion piece. The latter piece was to help me reach outside the box and get comfortable doing writing assignments which I would not normally think of doing.

Check out my recently published content on AC:

Tips to Increase Your Chance for Success as a Published Writer

If you are interested in writing, and especially if you want to make money with your pieces, check out the website for an easy opportunity to gain writing experience and writing clips.

Follow your passions and Happy Fall.


Judy said...

Congratulations Terri!

I have been a member of Associated Content for some time and your post is reminding me I need to do something about the site instead of just being signed up.

It is also an excellent article.

Take care,

Carma's Window said...

Great article Terri,
it is hard to get out of your comfort zone and that is why I am thankful I do a little copy writing every month just to keep me fresh. My heart is with kids and I am working on that.


Donna McDine said...

Terri...great post...thanks for the valuable info.


A.M.Writer said...


I have a friend who is a children's writer, although she mostly writes fiction. So glad we connected - I am blogrolling your site onto my main blogger blog. Best of luck with AC, they are a great site to write for and to learn from. They have very good tutorials.