Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Young High School Student with Cancer Writes and Publishes a Book.....

Here is a story you have to read. This young high school student named Stephen Beirne has been diagnosed with a malignant tumor at the base of his skull and into his spinal cord called a Chordoma. He is going through chemotherapy treatments and surgical treatments and guess what he has done during this treatment.......

He has written a book. He doesn't feel sorry for himself, he writes. And he donates the proceeds to Make-A-Wish- Foundation.

Now, I say that is fantastic. What a role model for other teens. His book is a fantasy where the main character, Eamon, risks his life and the lives of his friends in search of a treasure.

This book sounds pretty exciting to me. You can get your own copy by calling The Learned Owl bookstore at 1-800-968-2685 to give your credit card information.

You may also email the bookstore if you have questions at books@learnedowl.com

Get your copy soon and let me know what you think. Remember the proceeds from the book go to Make-A-Wish-Foundation and that is a great cause.


Judy said...


What a great role model for adults also. What has brought Stephen to this place is fear and the desire to let others have hope. Wow!

Thanks for sharing this incredible young man with us.


Carma's Window said...

This is fantastic Terri. I hope the best for this young man. God is truly working in his life.


Donna McDine said...

Hi Terri...thanks for this wonderful information...what an inspiration. Can't wait to receive my copy.

Warm regards,
Donna McDine