Friday, August 15, 2008

Shave your head for the cause

This is a site you just have to visit. Go to to find out what this organization does for children with cancer.

They shave heads for the cause. They raise money for cancer research and they hold all kinds of fun events to raise the funds needed for these kids so they get the treatment they deserve.

Visit the site and click on THE KIDS to view personal stories about children with cancer, both those who are fighting, those who have won the battle, and sadly, those who have passed away.

This site is full of information and ways that you can help if you want to get more involved. Be ready to laugh, to cry, and to pray for the kids you read about. The site makes cancer real for those readers who have no experience with children who fight this nasty disease.

Visit the site and let me know what you think.


Judy said...

Hi Terri,

I have visited this site before. You are right - you will laugh and at the same time it will bring tears to your eyes.

What is amazing is the amount of money they have raised and the visitors to the site.

Thanks for making others aware.

Carma's Window said...

Hi Terri,
This is a great site. So inspiring. I too am amazed at the amount of money they have raised.

you have all the right connections.


Suzanne Lieurance said...

Hey, Terri,

Could we sponsor some sort of virtual event for this cause through the NWFCC?

Suzanne Lieurance

terri.forehand said...

A virtual event sounds like a great idea. Thanks for thinking about it. I will email you later about how to get it started.


Jewel Sample said...

Enlightening information Terri. Thank you for sharing it.

Dawn Phillips said...

THI Terri,
It's an uplifting story of support and kindness. It's wonderful how you're able to notify others and inspire them.

Kind Regards,
Dawn Phillips