Friday, August 8, 2008

School Health for Kids

Kids of all ages will be going back to school soon and because of the privacy laws in each state, teachers and school personnel may not always be aware of a student who has faced an illness of consequence over the summer.

I am talking about an illness which would leave that student with a compromised immune system. An illness like cancer, leukemia, certain anemia's, sickle cell disease, or diabetes for example.

If the student is your child, consider being honest with school personnel about the state of your child's health.The more the staff at the school know, the better they can protect your child.

Parents of other children who have never faced the fight of a compromising illness need to keep in mind a few tips.

  • Keep your child home if he or she has a fever, and keep them home until they have been fever free for 24 hours.
  • Fever indicates a virus or bacterial illness is brewing. Attending school with a fever exposes anyone else to the unknown bug especially those kids you are not aware of who have an immune deficient illness.
  • Keep your child home if he or she is vomiting. The rules apply to vomiting as to a is a sign of a virus. Avoid exposing others to the same bug.

For more tips on how to keep your child well or how to keep from exposing other children to your child's newest bug, visit or where I will post other articles on these subjects.

Arm yourself with as much information as possible when dealing with your school age children to keep them healthy and to keep the children they come into contact with healthy as well.


Carma's Window said...

Terri your blog continues to inform and educate everyone. Schools are a hot bed of germs and it is amazing that kids and teachers don't get more sick.

I have awarded you the Brillante Weblog Promo Award 2008. Pop on over to my blog and pick it up.


terri.forehand said...

Thank you Carma, so much. I appreciate it and as we think alike, I too have awarded the Brillante to you as well. I love your site. Check out the listing at my blog as well.

P.Allen Jones said...

Please Terri,

Tell parents about early screening for Sickle Cell Anemia(per the department of health).
See their web site

Also, see my blog on living with this very painful disease.