Thursday, August 14, 2008

New blog for kids

This picture is from a great new blog site for kids by the author of Flying Hugs and Kisses , Jewel Samples.
She writes for kids and now has a site where they can explore and be safe, learn and enjoy without being preached at, and all around stretch their minds while having fun.
I love sites like these because even if your child is ill and confined to a hospital bed or inside for a length of time, they can still stay connected to their peers with the computer and great sites like this one.
This site has information and news that will interest kids of all ages. Check it out and let me know what you think. More important, leave a comment for the author so she knows what you think. The site address is
Thanks, Jewel, for an exciting and stimulating site for kids.

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Jewel Sample said...

Thank you so much Terri for letting kids know about my kids blog. Do you know how long jigsaw puzzles have been around? Come on by and find out.

See you there,
Jewel Sample