Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Milk shake recipe for cancer patients

A writer and friend of mine has graciously offered this milk shake recipe for patients who need extra calories and have a poor appetite. I think it sounds tasty, however the caffiene content may not be wise for younger children. As always, check with your family doctor before adding any new items to your diet especially while going through cancer treatments.

High Protein/High Calorie Shake Recipe

Mix in a bowl with a whisk (to decrease lumps):

2 scoops of vanilla Mus-L-Blast Body Building Formula
This product can be found at stores like Savon, and GNC. it is packaged in a large 52oz can.
1 can of Ensure Plus, Boost Plus OR Prosure
Prosure is not available in stores. It may be purchased on-line at: https://www.rosstore.com/store.cfm?Department=ensure&Category=Nutrition%20for%20Cancer&Subcategory=&OrderID=0
It is formulated for cancer patients to help build muscle, promote weight gain, and increase strength.


1-2 tablespoons chocolate sauce
¼ cup decaffeinated espresso or rich, dark coffee

Place in a blender with:

½ cup coffee ice cream
Use Starbuck’s, Haagen-Daz’s, Double Rainbow or other high calorie ice cream. One half cup of these contains 250 calories.

Blend until smooth. Store refrigerated and shake before use.

I make 2 shakes at a time in the blender, three times (a total of 6 shakes) and store in the refrigerator to make it easier for me.

Experiment with amounts of coffee and chocolate sauce and types of ice cream. Starbuck’s makes coffee/Carmel, coffee/chocolate chip and coffee/mud pie ice creams.

My friend who started making these shakes says that the coffee/chocolate flavor is the best to cover the unpleasant taste of the ensure/prosure and protein powder. If you do not care for the mocha flavor you might try Strawberry Boost Plus with strawberry jam and ice cream OR vanilla Ensure with peach jam or sauce and peach ice cream. Be creative to adjust to your taste.
Thanks to Theresa Schultz for the recipe. Check out her blog at http://stress-freeparent.blogspot.com
Let me know how it tastes.

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