Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Fantastic Source for Diseases and Treatments for the Pediatric Population

I am always on the look out for reliable resources for parents who have a child recently diagnosed with a serious illness. A diagnosis of cancer or other equally serious illness renders a parent virtually helpless and at a loss for information.

Children's Medical Center in Texas is a leading hospital for children aged newborn to 18 years old. The website for the medical center is full of great information. There is a health library on the site where parents can look up any disease they need information on and here they will find reliable and accurate facts, treatments, and clinical trial resources to discuss with their personal physician.

The intranet is a valuable and quick way to compare information and it is most important to be sure your sources are reliable. This site is one to check out at and

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Judy said...

Hi Terri,

Thank you for this valuable resource. I will bookmark it for my friends and family.